Shiseido FT Prepare Eyebrow Facial Razor L 3Pcs

Shiseido FT Prepare Eyebrow Facial Razor L 3Pcs
Shiseido FT Prepare Eyebrow Facial Razor L 3Pcs

Shiseido FT Prepare Eyebrow Facial Razor L 3Pcs

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shiseido ft prepare facial razor l 3pcs

product details

for cheek, forehead, and other broad area of your face.
the unique water-drop shape handle is easy and safe to shave. with safety guard gentle to the skin to prevent scratches and deep shave.
the blade has a safety guard to prevent over-shaving or .
long lasting and rust-resistant.


before shaving, apply milky lotion or soap around eyebrow to lubricate skin.
shave along the direction hair grows. to shave soft, thin hair on eye lid, pull skin to make the lid flatter. be careful not to cut your skin.
after shaving, apply lotion, milky lotion, and cream to moisturize skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Erika s.
Good but careful.

I always get tiny cuts in my face.
But I blame myself as I don’t get my face moist enough and don’t stretch the skin properly to have a smooth surface.
If you have bumpier skin forget it you’ll cut yourself multiple times.
Good and sharp.

Only Facial Razor that doesn't break me out!

I've tried various different brands of these facial razors, from Walmart, Shoppers, and even Sephora brands. I have very sensitive skin so nearly anything will break me out. These are the ONLY razors that have NOT broken me out!! I use them with a gentle cleanser or a gentle face oil (although I would be careful with the oil if you have sensitive skin), and I finish by disinfecting with an alcohol wipe. Great results and they last you for a while! Definitely recommend!!

sagena N.
So smooth

It’s smooth and glides over nicely

Joan H.
Good product

Easy to use

Purchased multiple times

These are the only facial razors I use and will ever use. I tried using the ones from Sephora and they cut me so much, never has that problem with these ones ever and that’s why they’re my holy grail!