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Based on 15566 reviews

i absolutely love this; this moisturizer was love at first use. super duper hydrating, and leaves a very dewy finish even after it dries down and absorbs. if u want glass skin this moisturizer is a must. (esp when used with the matching toner)

helped fade my acne scars rly quickly, and it also gave me way more elasticity in my skin.

NOTE: can be addicting for ur skin- itll feel very very dry without it and fine lines can return when ur not using it, so deciding to use this moisturizer is a bit of a commitment, but it will look amazing when u do use it

second time buying this; i love love love this one, it rly works to minimize fine lines and fade acne scars/dark spots

do note: it is very effective BUT will make ur skin addicted to it, and without it ur skin will look rly bad. so keep in mind that using this product is a bit of a commitment. thats my only reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5

still, it definitely did fade my acne spots and reduced the fine lines i have on my forehead bc of nicotine use, as well as make my pores v small and my skin v smooth.

gives a glass skin effect when used with the matching moisturizer

new favorite mascara! the package says u can cry in it or rub ur eye and it wont come off; so i tested it by A) rubbing my eyes rly hard and B) by sleeping in it and in both tests it held up beautifully. no panda eyes, no mascara crumbs on my face, and when i cried with it on it didnt run down my face at all.
it rly keeps the curl of ur lashes LOCKED. the curl stayed during my overnight test, and i woke up with perfectly curled lashes (a little bit of the mascara had come off but it left nothing on my face or pillows)

it STAYS ON tho, the box says to remove it by massaging hot/warm water into the lashes to soften it before using a cleanser to fully remove it. I noticed that if u skip the hot water step it does leave a bit of mascara residue under ur eyes thats hard to take off, so don't neglect to soften with hot water before u remove it. regular micellar water will not be able to remove it (althought ive heard the bifesta micellar water can)

second time buying this product; leaves my skin super soft and exfoliates without being too harsh on my skin. (AHA/BHA is too harsh for me, so this is pretty gentle)
your dead skin will come off like eraser shavings without any physical scrubbing which is great, cus u can see the results of using it immediately and it doesn't damage ur skin

does the job well and makes my pores less noticeable
however, it does leave a slight residue, although that can be washed off with cleanser (and u shld be cleansing after an oil cleanser anyway)
smells a little bit like ginger, not an unpleasant or overly strong smell
removes makeup well too

Its almost like my shade so its ok i guesss

Makes my skin smell so good..

Worth it only if your products are made of glass

An Immediate Favorite

As soon as I tried this mascara on for the first time, I was sold. Pair this with the shisedu eyelash curler and you will start to fly when you bat your lashes! Love the lengthening strength in this mascara formula, (with a spritz of setting spray) to make it more slick. Also, the mascara wand is amazing as well. Couldn’t recommend this mascara enough!


Best flavor! Love the cheese flavor! It's spicy but not too spicy. The cheese offsets the spiciness just enough . LOVE this flavour

Best mask ever

This mask makes my face so soft and my skin looks better each time I use it. I leave it on for around 45mins. Amazing!

D'ALBA White Truffle First Aromatic Spray Serum 100ml
Very hydrating but there a scent

I liked how refreshing and hydrating this d'alba first spray was. I had a hard time with the masculine fragrance scent to it. It goes away after awhile so there's that....until you need to spray again.

My go to eyeliner

This brand has become my go-to eyeliner. The tip is smooth and it applies quickly/easily. Definitely recommend buying if you’re in the market for a nice liner.

Very waterproof

This is extremely waterproof. I splashed water into my eye when it was quite irritated and the mascara didnt run at all. I have fairly bad allergies, which is why my eye was so irritated in the first place. I would highly recommend buying the makeup remover from this brand to remove it though. I tried just using a cleansing balm the first couple of times I used this mascara and it didn’t do the trick just by itself.

D'ALBA White Truffle First Aromatic Spray Serum 100ml
Amazon C.
Beautiful serum

This is a lovely step in my routine. Well priced.

Knew what I was getting and it delivers

Almost everyone I know uses this back in Korea, I got them too, and it is exactly what I expected.

Cute! But doesn't last long

If you're looking for something that stays in place for an hour, it is perfect! But after that, you will have to reapply some. Still, I think it's pretty! And it smells nice!

Love it

Nice on my skin


Super bon vraiment aucun regret ! Délicieux et piquant comme j’aime 👌🏿👌🏿

My new fav essense!

Per Gothamista, I tried this marvelous product, except I was buying from OLolly and paying twice as much. I just discovered Amazon has it so had to give it a try. If this isn't the real thing, I can't tell(will update if I discover othewise!) For those afraid to try, this product is amazing- moisturizing, not greasy, fun to watch when you shake the bottle as it starts out looking like Thai Iced Tea! I use it at night after first treatments, facial oil and retinoids if I am using them. My skin feels so smooth and moisturized I will never be without this product! No scent is a bonus! I should say, I am a mature, dry and sensitive skinned individual who has problems with heavily fragrant creams and lotions.

Works great

This is my second time purchasing this mascara. This is the only mascara I have ever tried that actually looks brown. It's a little on the warm side, but doesn't look red.

Rice toner

Love this toner,

Just do it and thank me later!!

I have never posted a review before for any product, regardless of the fact that I have been purchasing from Amazon for years now. However, I felt compelled to review this product as I have already seen drastic results in my skin after 1 day! These pads are amazing. They are on the smaller side compared to other similar pads, but they are thick and super soft. One side is textured for extra exfoliation. The formula is so gentle yet so effective. Trust me when I say you will not regret buying and using these. Your skin will GLOW!