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Based on 15266 reviews
Good product

I feel like they are making a difference

Feel amazing in your face

I saw these on TikTok so I thought I would give them a try. I love the fact that each pad is very thin and you can use it as a mask for 10 minutes and then wipe it on the rest of your face. I use them twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. I will be re-purchasing these again once I run out. Any added collagen that I can get to help plump my skin is a bonus


Results are very good. Its visible in two days. Skin feels soft and rejuvenated


This is a fabulous toner. It has properties to smooth your face, clear up any skin issues and has tea tree in it for antibacterial properties. I have been using it for two month and see a great difference in the surface of my skin. The bottle lasts for 30 days if you use it twice a day so it is more expensive than micellar water for example. Personally I find micellar water a waste of money. I will start cleaning my face with micellar water and then go over my face with toner and am amazed at what comes off my face. Give it a try. You will love it

This stuff is great! One jug will last forever.

This stuff is great! One jug will last forever.
When I first opened it, the odor/aroma that hit me seemed to have chemical edge to it. After a bit, the apple-ish aroma became more apparent - guess it just needed some air. Moving rubber is a fitting name for this product as it does have a super sticky, rubbery consistency. It almost feels like mastic without the need for chemicals to remove it. For short hair you will only need to barely touch a few fingertips in to get enough for most of your head. After you work it a bit, you won't feel it in your hair, but it will still hold the style quite nicely. Hopefully they won't sell out to one of the big companies trying to kill the competition only to be 'disappeared' from the market. Lost a few loved hair products via this dirty corporate trick. Highly recommend.

Rend les cheveux hyper doux!

Le masque rend les cheveux hyper doux! Et sent très bon. Après une seule utilisation les cheveux semblent plus brillant. C’est seulement un seul pot qu’on reçoit mais ça vaut la peine.

Love it!!!

I started to do my skincare and wanted a fun/cute headband to hold my hair back and found this Hello Kitty one. I am obsessed with it.

great product

this is a great product, i love that it’s lightweight but still “thick” in moisture. this makes my face glow in the morning after. i definitely recommend getting this product

Face toner

My face feels clean when I use it. There is no irritation on my elderly skin. This is my second bottle.

Amazing cleansing balm

Great cleansing balm, my face has never felt so clean. Takes off makeup so easily

Love it!

Almost done 1 bottle!

Absolutely loved everything 💖 the lip tints and balm are so smooth, I love the colors.

Absolutely loved everything 💖 the lip tints and balm are so smooth, I love the colors.

Absolutely loved everything 💖 the lip tints and balm are so smooth, I love the colors.

Arriver en bonne état. J'ai hâte d'y goûter!

Let it sink in

I have low porosity fine wavy hair but there's a lot of it. This just made my hair look greasy AT FIRST. About an hour later it had soaked in and my hair looks softer and smoother.

Amazing toner

Saw this toner online, had to try it out! It lives up to the hype! Absorbs instantly, and my skin feels very soft and light after. Highly recommend!


I use this rice toner on a cotton pad to clean my face- I haven't washed it with water in a year. My skin is glowing. Whether you use it as a serum or a cleanser, you won't get a better product than this!

Holy grail

Been using this product for over a decade. I apply morning and night right after I wash my face, and pat until tacky.
This product leaves skin moist and supple, and has never irritated or caused blemishes.
Will repurchase.

Nice fine powder that blurs without cakiness, strong smell

As typically expected of korean setting powders, this is very finely milled and using a little bit to prevent cakiness proves to still be effective. The smell is a very strong artificial peach scent though, it may be nauseating to some. In that case, the innisfree setting powder has similar results without scent.

Black rice tonic!

Great tonic!!! Feels smooth and moisturized!


I too have short straight SA eyes, and I've tried SOOO many brands . I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me before I realized I should have checked to see what other Asian people used! This was one of three brands, none are sold in a store in my area, so I had to buy online and cross my fingers. Already, I know these are significantly better than what I've tried before (drugstore, fancy = nothing). They do lengthen, they do hold the curl better than I've had before, and they don't smudge/move. I've had to try different eye removers, other reviewers aren't joking about staying on, but I think I'm happy with the Clinique Take The Day Off for lids and lashes (NOT the balm, that'll get INTO the eyes *shudder*). I also got a better metal eyelash comb for precision fussing, but it doesn't take much since it's not coating my lashes all heavily; it's a nice, natural looking mascara.
So, two things that are important to note:
1) there IS product in the tube, but maybe it's an issue of warming/loosening up to make it flow or something?
2) be careful about applying too much!!! It'll feel heavy and keep catching on each other in the outer corners.

Great toner pads

Love these. Toners are usually rough on my skin, but this formula is great!

it honestly really good!!

I saw this go viral on tiktok and wanted to use it to get rid of my dark spots.
Day 1: used it during the night as a face mask and it left my skill really soft and HYDRATED. Like it’s never been this hydrated ever before. When i woke up i had glass skin. It was so smooth and had a sheen/glow to it.
**Will update after a full week