RYO Red Damage Care Shampoo 550ml

RYO Red Damage Care Shampoo 550ml

RYO Red Damage Care Shampoo 550ml

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Discover the revitalizing effects of RYO Damage Care Shampoo, crafted from ancient herbal wisdom to restore and renew damaged hair. The unique formula of this red hair shampoo is perfect for breathing life into dry, damaged, or color-treated strands, restoring their natural allure, luster, and softness. Transform your dull hair into vibrant, healthy locks with each use.

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Features of RYO Damage Care Shampoo

  • An intense nourishing and cleansing formula for extremely damaged unruly hair.
  • Featuring naturally fermented jeju camellia oil, intensively cares deep inside of hair with abundance nutrient while provides shiny coating outside to protect the hair from other stimulants.
  • Naturally-derived protein concentration makes thin and damaged hair strong and beautiful.
  • Infused with chinese medicine such as ginseng extract and pine leaf extract, this mild, natural daily red hair shampoo energizes the hair from the deepest root to the end of the hair and scalp with nutrition, thus making smooth, healthy-looking, lustrous and manageable hair.

How to use

Take an adequate amount of ryo shampoo, put it on your scalp and hair, then rinse it out with water.

  • Brand: Ryo
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Hair type: Damaged
  • Product benefits: Smoothening,Strengthening

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Incredible body and lift!

So I wanted to try a Korean shampoo and settled on this one…nicely priced and decent reviews. Some people were divided on the scent and the results.

I tried it last night and I love it. It smells -naturally- floral…I find the scent pleasing. It lathers very nicely and rinses quickly and cleanly. The surprise came afterwards when I let my thick, straight, color-treated hair air-dry…the volume and lift it took on all by itself after it dried was ridiculous! It looked like I’d blown it out. I’m wondering if it got rid of residue from my other shampoo? Whatever it was, I’m sold. Soft, shiny, bouncy hair works for me.

Feels amazing

A tiny bit goes such a long way even on oily hair. I love this stuff.

Love it!!!!

I didn't expect much from this shampoo but the reviews kind of got me curious about the performance of this product. I think they were out of stock for a while because I had to wait almost a month to receive this shampoo. Lets just say that I wasn't too happy for the long wait but once I used it I was very happy with it's performance. I love the subtle ginseng scent and how it didn't make my usually dry, curly and very tangled hair feel softer. It feels better than some of the more expensive brands of shampoos that I've previously purchased. I hope when I reorder this, it won't take so long to receive it.

Mary C.D.
Great Product!

Highly recommend this shampoo and this brand! I have noticed significant improvement in my hair. Ever since using this brand shampoo, I have not had dandruff.


I love this product. I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year, and it’s just amazing. With American shampoo and conditioner, my hair always felt heavy, and greasy. Not to mention my dry scalp was awful, even using specific shampoos and conditioners for dry scalp. One use of this, and there was an immediate difference. My hair felt so much lighter, cleaner, and my dry scalp wasn’t nearly as bad as it was. With previous shampoo and conditioners, I’d HAVE to wash every other day. With this one? I only have to wash twice a week. I can go 3 days maybe more without my hair being greasy nor my dry scalp affecting me too much. My hair has never felt so good. It does have a pretty funky and strong smell. Can be compared to a cigarette, but not nearly as gross. But you get used to it after awhile. Eventually it’ll start smelling great. As far as hair loss is concerned, my hair still falls out pretty consistently, but that may be due to other underlying issues, so I don’t have much input on that. But it’s a great product and I will never use any other product for my hair again.