Lion Top Stain remover Rescue (Shimitori) 17ml

Lion Top Stain remover Rescue (Shimitori) 17ml

Lion Top Stain remover Rescue (Shimitori) 17ml

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product details

1. can remove oily and water-based stains.

2. the combination of absorbent paper and stain removal pen makes the dirt in the clothing fibers completely absorbed and dissolved without spreading.

3. washed clothes can be used with peace of mind: because the stain remover is weakly acidic, clothes made of cotton, wool, silk and other materials can also be used. after use, the stain remover can be removed by pressing with a twisted towel, so clothes that cannot be washed you can also use it with peace of mind.

4. the lower layer of the absorbent paper is a waterproof material, and the liquid cannot pass through, so there is no need to worry about the clothes below being contaminated.​​​

5. the stain remover does not harm the clothing itself and can be used with peace of mind.

6. pen-shaped design, suitable for carrying out.


stains on clothes (cotton/silk/wool/polyester, etc.)

stains that can be removed: seasoning, soy sauce, ketchup, sauces, beverages, coffee, blood, curry, salad dressing, lipstick, foundation, etc. it works better for fresh stains.

stains that cannot be removed: hair dye, nail polish, ink, pad, correction fluid, t, oil-based magic pens, ballpoint pens, etc.

items that cannot be used: kimono, leather, rubber, acetate rayon, items that fade in contact with water, items that form water wheels in contact with water

how to use

place a blotting paper under the stain and pat it off with a stain remover. afterwards, use a dry towel or the like under the wet stain, press with a wringed towel, etc., to remove the residual stain remover.

Customer Reviews

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The best & a MUST have

It’s a small bottle, which is pretty expensive if compared price and the size BUT the quality is very good and you don’t even need much for oily spots on clothes. I get oily spots all the time, so this magical bottle is a life saver!

Chanda A.
Effective stain remover

Gentle but effective stain remover !

Miaad K.Y.
Just takes forever to arrive

Love it

S. S.
Spot remover

Had to wash item twice.. used warm water second time and stain was gone.. wish instructions were in English.. much is lost in translation..