ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g

ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g
ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g
ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g
ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g
ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g

ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum 9g

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Etude House My Lash Serum is a eyelash serum nourishing from root to tip, promoting stronger, healthier lashes. Infused with panthenol and dogwood berry extract, it enhances lash thickness and fullness. Easy and comfortable daily lash serum with biotin.



Features of Etude House lash serum

  • My lash serum with BIOTIN: A crucial ingredient for hair health, used in both shampoos and supplements. Now, enhance your lashes with the power of Biotin!
  • A daily lash serum enriched with Biotin to nourish your lashes.
  • The transparent gel formula of etude house lash serum swiftly absorbs, leaving no stickiness.
  • Application is effortless with the mascara brush applicator, ensuring even coverage from lash roots to tips with dense bristles.


How to use

After night skincare routine, apply and brush Etude House eyelash serum from the lash roots towards the tips of your lashes.

  • Brand: ETUDE
  • Item form: Gel

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Consistency is key!

These photos are two months apart, I started to notice changes within one week but the real results started to show when I was consistent for two consecutive months.

The secret is to spend time really massaging the product into your lash line and eyebrows. I have an empty tube from an older lash serum that has a lipgloss-like applicator, and I use that after applying the serum to really work in the product.


I have pretty short eyelashes and can see them growing slowly but surely. This stuff if great!

long lashes so quick!

i love this lash serum it made my lashes grow so quick and it is really cheap and easy to apply i put some of the lash serum on the back of my hand and applied it with my finger to make sure i got to the root of my lashes. 100% recommend

Meow !.
Great Product !

Works very well, results are shown within a couple of weeks!! Efficient and affordable. Highly recommend 👍🏽

Good rating for ingredients

I bought this lash serum because I have heard most of them contain ingredients that aren't safe for you. This one is rated 85-87/100 by apps like OnSkin and Yuka so I tired it. I can't tell if it makes your lashes grow a lot more because I'm only at the first week but I heard great things about it. Definitely is worth a try for the safe ingredients + affordability!