NATURIE - Après-shampooing Hatomugi 500ml

NATURIE - Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml

NATURIE - Après-shampooing Hatomugi 500ml

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NATURIE Tonifiant Revitalisant pour la Peau

  • Un soin revitalisant visage & corps multi-actions.
  • Cible divers types de problèmes de peau tels que les pores dilatés, les ridules et le vieillissement cutané.
  • Enrichi en vitamines B1 et B2 pour éliminer l'acné et corriger le teint.
  • Fournit une hydratation immédiate et durable.
NATURIE Tonifiant Revitalisant pour la Peau
avantage de l'après-shampooing NATURIE Toner

  • Marque: Naturie
  • Parfum: Non parfumé
  • Forme du produit: Lotion
  • Ingrédients actifs: Acide hyaluronique
  • Avantages du produit: Lissant, Hydratant

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Super light weight leaving the skin suple and smooth with a low price. Love it 🩷


second time buying this; i love love love this one, it rly works to minimize fine lines and fade acne scars/dark spots

do note: it is very effective BUT will make ur skin addicted to it, and without it ur skin will look rly bad. so keep in mind that using this product is a bit of a commitment. thats my only reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5

still, it definitely did fade my acne spots and reduced the fine lines i have on my forehead bc of nicotine use, as well as make my pores v small and my skin v smooth.

gives a glass skin effect when used with the matching moisturizer

Gabrielle B.
Affordable and cheap

love love love the naturie skin conditioner,clear skin in a bottle

Kindle C.
Hydrating but needs at least 2 layers

I absolutely love this toner since it has glycerine in it and skin is able to absorb it and helps to keep my skin bouncy. I also like the fact that this is fragrance free.

Candace P.
Love this product!

I'm pretty much a self taught skincare expert at this point! This is a wonderful product if you're experiencing dry skin. I even put this into a spray bottle and use as an all over toner after showering. Very hydrating, and the results last.