About Us

OCEANBUY is a Japanese and Korean Beauty Retail E-commerce company.

We are an e-commerce beauty cosmetics platform located in Toronto, Canada, specializing in Korean, Japanese, cosmetics, skincare products, daily necessities, food agents, wholesale, Korean cosmetics. Skincare products direct purchase and other cosmetic brand management and wholesale companies.

Focus on Japan and Korea product industry brand management and product wholesale. The company has complete import qualifications and regular channels to provide authentic and original imported products to the market and consumers. Quality is safe and reliable, authentic guarantee.

Thousands of imported goods from Japan and South Korea are put on the shelves simultaneously with Japan and South Korea, making your stand at the forefront of fashion.

We have cooperated with many famous Japanese and Korean brands, including SK-II, POLA, KOSE, SHISEIDO and other Famous Japanese brands, 3CE, ROMAND, COSRX and other Korean brands Domestic brands such as VOOLGA and BIOHYALUX. The variety of products is also expanding; And we hope this place can be a treasure box for every customer, “Every smile begins with shopping Oceanbuy.”