JOHN'S BLEND Parfum et déodorant Brume d'ambiance 280 ml - 5 saveurs

JOHN'S BLEND Fragrance And Deodorant Room Mist 280ml - White Musk

JOHN'S BLEND Parfum et déodorant Brume d'ambiance 280 ml - 5 saveurs

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john's blend white musk is a chic spray-type room fragrance that elevates any space with its deodorizing power and pleasant aroma. ideal for enhancing various areas like your living room, entryway, bathroom, or any spot of your choosing, it's designed to infuse style and freshness into your environment. the packaging echoes the elegance of a trendy café, adding a sophisticated flair to your decor. with its fresh, subtly sweet scent, reminiscent of clean, soapy fragrances, it's a delightful addition to create a welcoming and stylish atmosphere in your home.

john's blend fragrance and deodorant room mist 280ml - white musk feature john's blend fragrance and deodorant room mist 280ml - white musk feature1


  • john's blend fragrance series is a fragrance brand in japan for 47 years.
  • the repurchase rate is constantly rising, and it can be called a universal deodorant spray that can be used anywhere. the spray is one of the best-selling products in their fragrance series.

how to use

to use the fragrance mist, just spray it in the area you want to freshen up. it will get rid of bad odors and leave a nice scent. remember, it's not for eating or drinking. if you swallow it or have any health or skin issues after using it, you should see a doctor right away and tell them about the product for proper treatment.


this product, formulated with water, fragrance, and ethanol, combines these elements to emit a fresh, subtly sweet, soap-like aroma. it's designed to pleasantly scent any space.

  • Brand: JOHN'S BLEND
  • Item form: Spray
  • Scent: Musk

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maureen C.

Smells freaking amazing! It it was cheaper, I’d buy a dozen!!!

Tendoh P.

Smells like home ❤️

Exactly how I remembered it

I lived in Japan for 3 years and loved this fragrance, so much so I bought several bottles and brought them back with me to the US. Time passed and I forgot to reorder some until now. John’s blend can be used for both air fresheners and self fragrance, it’s subtle but pleasantly potent. It sticks to whatever it’s sprayed on, and lasts. I’m a stickler for good scents and scents that last and John’s blend is one of if not my absolute favorite, a unisex scent that will last.

Best home fragrance!

I love this fragrance, all time fav.

Shop G.
Smells wonderful

This smells so good. I just wish it weren't so expensive.