OPERA 娥佩兰薏仁水Naturie Imju保湿化妆水 500ml

NATURIE - Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml

OPERA 娥佩兰薏仁水Naturie Imju保湿化妆水 500ml

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  • A multi-action conditioning face & body treatment.
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  • Targets various kinds of skin problems like large pores fine lines & skin aging.
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  • Enriched with Vitamin B1 & B2 to clear acne & correct skin tone.
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  • Provides immediate & long-lasting moisture.
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  • Brand: Naturie
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Item form: Lotion
  • Active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid
  • Product benefits: Smoothening,Moisturizing

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gabrielle B.
Affordable and cheap

love love love the naturie skin conditioner,clear skin in a bottle

Kindle C.
Hydrating but needs at least 2 layers

I absolutely love this toner since it has glycerine in it and skin is able to absorb it and helps to keep my skin bouncy. I also like the fact that this is fragrance free.

Candace P.
Love this product!

I'm pretty much a self taught skincare expert at this point! This is a wonderful product if you're experiencing dry skin. I even put this into a spray bottle and use as an all over toner after showering. Very hydrating, and the results last.

Annabelle P.
Excellent Toner!

After giving Thayer’s toners and other brands a chance for many years, I gave up on watery toners because I felt like they either dried my skin out even more, were too harsh, or didn’t really do anything. I’ve seen many good reviews about this product but was a bit worried about the alcohol in it. But I am so glad I finally purchased this. It has been about a week of using it twice a day (AM & PM) and it really does restore moisture into the skin after cleansing. I apply in layers until my skin feels well hydrated. There is no negative or drying effect of the alcohol, for those who are concerned about that, at least not for me. An additional benefit that I did not expect at all is that it somehow has been improving my skin tone and texture..? I’m prone to closed comedones and struggle with clogged pores and micro bumps all over my face. Also have lots of PIE marks from breakouts. Nothing else in my skincare routine has changed aside from this so I suspect my skin hasn’t been receiving all the hydration it needed, and that this product has been helping. Sometimes our skin can reach a plateau with the products in our routine, so it’s good to switch things up when that time comes. This product has been a wonderful addition to mine.

Swear on my life for this toner

I have been using this toner for over two years now and I will continue to til the day I die! (maybe exaggerating a little). I often take too long to do my skincare, but I always remember to put this toner first thing to make sure my skin doesn’t dry up. It’s a staple. I often change my products around for my skin not to act up (iykyk), but this toner NEVER. I used it morning and night no matter what else I’m putting on my skin. It’s so silky and smooth, I absolutely love it! For reference, I have combo skin that dries up during winter and gets extra oily during summer. I have sensitive and acne prone skin. This is of course just my conclusion after multiple trials and errors with different proxy’s over the years