RYO Brown Hair Strengthener Shampoo 550ml

RYO Brown Hair Strengthener Shampoo 550ml

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ryo hair er shampoo is enriched with 14 plant-based ingredients, nourishing the scalp to promote hair growth. with using ryo shampoo, its unique blend of pickled soybean and black bean enhances and adds volume right from the hair roots, leading to a fuller, healthier scalp, ing. dive into this natural solution for stronger, more voluminous hair. ryo shampoo is an ideal choice for those wanting bigger, more beautiful hair, and is suitable for all hair types.

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features of ryo ing shampoo

  • black bean extract black bean is rich in vitamin e and essential fatty acids. it ing the scalp and preventing damage to scalp.
  • bean protein zinc is found in beans and is essential for hair growth. its plant-based protein builds healthy hair follicles and deficiency of zinc and protein may result in weaking hair structure. ryo shampoo will solve this.
  • houttuynia cordata also known as fish mint, this herb has long been used in treating digestive issues, fevers, coughs, etc. it nourishes your scalp and s roots for volume.

how to use

use enough ryo shampoo to cover your scalp and hair, then rinse it off with water.

  • Brand: Ryo
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Scent: Mint
  • Hair Type: Thinning Hair, All Hair Types

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great Results!

Bought this in November along with the conditioner. The scent is very earthy which might put off some people but I don't mind because the smell dissipates after drying. I have 3b thick hair but was having a lot of hair loss after having kids.
I couldn't tell if it was just placebo or if my head was actually retaining new growth. 3 months in I noticed more baby hairs sprouting around my hairline and my hair was looking more dense. Another 3 months later I went to a head spa and they analyzed my scalp. They found so many new growths and baby hairs! They also saw that my hair follicles were holding about 3-4 strands. They said it was unheard of for postpartum moms! I explained I've been using this product and they told me they actually recommend this brand to all their clients and is what they use for treatments.
Very happy with results!

Good for me

I liked that herbs smells!

Works well with thin-thick Asian hair

I’ve been looking for a reliable shampoo for my hair type. Drugstore shampoos don’t do much for my Asian hair, if I shower the night before, my hair usually gets oily by the late afternoon. It’s been a couple of days since I first used the shampoo (and some dry shampoo), and my hair isn’t the slightest bit oily. I totally recommend for my fellow Asian girls and anyone with straight and oily hair type.

Volume, Light Smell of Herb, Control Oil Scalp

Ryo’s Products are perfectly work well, my scalp easy get greasy and hard to get volume…but this product is game change

Wenjing Z.
Good to use

I been used so many times,good for hair