KINCHO DONTO Adhesive Body Warmer Mugwort Scent 8PCS

KINCHO DONTO Adhesive Body Warmer Mugwort Scent 8PCS -

KINCHO DONTO Adhesive Body Warmer Mugwort Scent 8PCS

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Product Details

Specially developed for women with cold and blood stasis in the palace, a warm palace patch that can be used all year round.

45 degrees, neither high temperature burning nor low temperature is invalid, specially designed for warm palace, warm uterus is more comfortable and scientific temperature,

It is also a better temperature to promote the ginger wormwood essence to penetrate into the body.

What are the hazards of palace cold

1 Irregular menstruation and abnormal leucorrhea.

2 Cold hands and feet, obese and out of shape.

3 Rough skin, acne and spots.

4 Lack of energy and grumpy temper.


1 The 45 degree constant temperature is lasting, scientific and comfortable.

2 The essence of wormwood and ginger can invigorate blood and warm palace.

3 Add temperature-sensitive materials, and it will be warm at the first smell.

Product Details

Wormwood smell

Wormwood, wormwood, pure yang nature, through the twelve meridians, warming the meridians, regulating qi and blood, dispelling dampness and cold,

It reduces deficiency and fire, expels cold and dampness, strengthens internal organs and balances yin and yang, so it is also called "medicine herb".

Wormwood is a medicine for warming menstruation and promoting blood circulation in Chinese medicine.

It can also calm the nerves and alleviate various menstrual problems.

Many women have irregular menstruation and cold hands and feet.

At this time, applying wormwood paste to warm the abdomen has a good effect on warming the uterus.

In addition, the wormwood warm palace paste is applied to the lower back, and it can also relieve the pain of the lower back.

Eliminate dampness, replenish the deficient kidney qi, and make the circulation of qi and blood more smooth.


Place the two fingers down from the belly button, which is the Qihai Point. This acupuncture point can quickly warm our whole body.

It is the dantian in the mouth of traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine believes that the "qi" of the whole body gathers here.


1 Do not stick directly on the skin.

2 Although the temperature will not be too high, please stop using it if you feel very hot.

Please be aware of low temperature burns.

3 The product contains adhesive, please be careful not to use it on sweaters or very high-end clothing.

4 Repeated pasting will weaken the adhesion.

5 Please do not use too much force to cause the inner bag to rupture.

6 Please try not to use it with heating, air conditioning, etc., which will cause the temperature to be too high.

7 Please stop using if the aroma is very irritating or unacceptable.

8 When using it with children, children with weak skin heat or inconvenience, please pay attention to avoid low-temperature burns.

9 Parents with symptoms such as diabetes or poor blood circulation may have burns. Please use it under the guidance of a doctor.

10 After opening the outer package, it will start to heat up immediately, please use it as soon as possible.

11 Please do not damage the inner bag or put this product in your mouth.

12. If this product gets into your eyes, please wash with water immediately and consult a doctor for diagnosis

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