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So far, my favorite brand. The smell is nice and not overwhelming. Definitely provides moisture. This is a must have in my collection!!!!

Very spicy

I bought this for my partner cause he really loves carbonara and ramen. He really liked the Flavie but without the Spycy sauce which he found too spicy but mostly thought it added a weird taste

Silky hair, Excellent quality!!!!

I love using this product instead of a conditioner. It makes my hair silky, I don’t apply any other products after using this treatment.

Works Well!

I used this product twice and saw a lot of improvement in irritation.

Works sooo well

I have tiny eyelashes, and this mascara is a a straight up holy grail. It lengthens like false lashes, no fallout, and stays on for 24 hours if needed. Definitely worth a try and buy.

Very red

It’s is a nice red color, looks nice, nice to mix with other lip glosses

Si está bien

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Seeing a difference immediately - really nice

I was a little skeptical thinking this might come with a strong kombucha scent - but that's not the case. Almost no scent, maybe a very very subtle milk tea smell.

After just a few days of use I'm seeing a difference in my skin. I need to use less moisturizer than usual after applying this, and my pores look more free of sebum than they have been in quite a while. I'm really happy with this, especially for the price! The packaging was also very nice, and they included some free samples I'm excited to try.

Blends in so easy

I really love this hair oil. Most hair oils leave your hair greasy or a if there was a a layer of oil. This ones gives me a shine on my ends


Provide enough moisture for facial skin.


Omg this is so great! If you are looking for a cleansing oil that removes blackheads on the nose, this works great! And it also smells amazing

Easy to use work perfectly

Bought this for my wife, she love it, very useful, quality great, price reasonable

best make-up remover !

this product is amazing, it cleans my skin so deeply with any effort, I just apply to all over my face and wash off. Make the test and try to use a micellar water at a cotton pad to see if there's any residual. Highly recommended.


It's a Bice product. Place in hot water before use since it is cold when placing on your face. I do love this product it works well. Plumpes skin

It saved my skin. I love it

The best product, my skin loves it


My granddaughters are going to love it!

Solid Shampoo for clean/healthy hair

My hair gets oily within a day - whether I washed my hair the night before or the morning of. Using this product ensures my hair stays clean longer; it has a pleasant smell; good packaging. I would get dandruff with other products but have not with this (I also used anti dandruff shampoo in between hair wash with other products and this product). My hair also doesn't feel flat which is nice - I have straight long hair and overall feels healthy.


This hair oil is perfect for me! It makes the ends of my hair so silky smooth. Paired with the shampoo and conditioner it has been a life saver for my hair!

So good!

I wasn’t sure if i’d like this or not. I didn’t love the regular cheese buldak. But I still wanted to try and i’m glad I did. I like it as much as I like my favourite cream carbonara. Its like a spicy mac and cheese flavour to me. I always add a little bit of milk or cream instead of the spoons of water at the end. And a little bit of shredded mozzarella. Its great plain too but the additions make it creamier. I really want to make some now but the calories are no joke. Not for those who dislike spice. But if you do like spicy ramyun, you should give it a try.

My new must have!♥️

I colour my hair so it’s dry..this mask is my favorite!! Hair feels so good and it smells delicious.


It came as it looks, I haven’t used it yet. It I’ll let you all when I do

Korean skin care staple !

This is a calming and restoring serum , used with my skin care routine to being glass like skin. Younger looking and vibrant !

Good so far

Only got it a couple days ago - been using it most nights. Face feels really nice and hydrated in the morning. I’m getting flakiness by my mouth and I’m not sure if it’s because of this or another cream I got recently for during the day.

Keeps hair moisturized

Good for split ends . Put a little drop on hair keeps hair moisture

Very Gentle and Effective

This works nicely on my sensitive and dry skin when used twice a day. I don't notice this drying out my face and when I use it on my back, I always see color transfer from whatever dirt or clothing dye is on my back, so I know it's working. Would order again.