RYO Red Damage Care après-shampooing 550ml

RYO Red Damage Care conditioner 550ml

RYO Red Damage Care après-shampooing 550ml

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une formule intense nourrissante et nettoyante pour les cheveux extrêmement abîmés et indisciplinés.

avec de l'huile de camélia de jeju naturellement fermentée, elle prend intensément soin en profondeur des cheveux avec des nutriments abondants tout en offrant un revêtement brillant à l'extérieur pour protéger les cheveux des autres stimulants.

la concentration en protéines d'origine naturelle rend les cheveux fins et abîmés forts et beaux.

infusé avec des plantes médicinales chinoises telles que l'extrait de ginseng et l'extrait de feuille de pin, ce shampooing / après-shampooing naturel et doux au quotidien énergise les cheveux de la racine la plus profonde jusqu'à la pointe des cheveux et du cuir chevelu avec des nutriments, rendant ainsi les cheveux lisses, sains, brillants et faciles à coiffer.

Customer Reviews

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Helped my hair!!

I've had a real struggle with finding just the right shampoo for my hair when I came across this in some reviews. I've finally found something that worked so well for my scalp and hair! When I first washed my hair, a lot would fall out. But after some research I've read it was pretty normal for that to happen when the shampoo is trying to encourage hair growth. So yes, it did eventually stop and now my hair rarely falls out maybe after about a month of usage in comparison to before and I've even stopped a seemingly eternal suffering of scalp flaking with a combo of shampoo/blow drying! It does smell odd at first since it smells like 'spicy earth' with the ginseng scent, but after continual use and using conditioner afterwards seemingly gives it a pleasant, almost floral scent instead. Definitely worth a try!

Guy Review

My hair always looks ugly and dry after a shower. It took me this long to realize it’s bc of my shampoo drying out my hair + scalp and current conditioner not being good enough. So I took a chance in this conditioner and it got the job done. Smells a bit floral mixed w/ herbal which I like and don’t mind. But more importantly, it FIXED my hair. Maybe it will for you too!

Larisa Y.
Love it!

My favorite product

Van T.

I love it