MEDIHEAL Teatree Calming Hydrogel 300g

MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Calming Hydrogel 300g
MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Calming Hydrogel 300g
MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Calming Hydrogel 300g
MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Calming Hydrogel 300g
MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Calming Hydrogel 300g

MEDIHEAL Teatree Calming Hydrogel 300g


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MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Calming Hydrogel is a multifunctional moisturizer formulated with three distinct Tea Tree extracts. Targeting a range of skin issues across your face, neck, and body, it effectively reduces inflammation, fights acne, and serves as a protective shield against harmful bacteria. Enhanced with a combination of five natural extract oils, it delivers immediate relief to your skin, fortifies its protective barrier, and deeply hydrates to revitalize dry, compromised, and dull skin. Experience a refreshing and cooling sensation as it works its magic.

How to use

Apply an appropriate quantity of the calming gel to your skin, and it is versatile for use on both your face and entire body.


water, glycerin, denatured alcohol, 1,2-hexanediol, BG, caprylyl glycol, pentylene glycol, betaine, allantoin, tea tree leaf extract, tea tree leaf water, sardine leaf extract, apple mint leaf extract , Midorihakka extract, EDTA-2Na, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, carbomer, TEA, chlorphenesin, jojoba seed oil, tea tree leaf oil, rosemary leaf oil, grapefruit peel oil, labandura hybrida oil, lavender Oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, Roman chamomile flower / leaf / stem oil, opoponax oil, limonen, lina roll.

  • Marque: Mediheal
  • Forme du produit: Gel
  • Type de peau: Normale

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I use it exclusively at night

I really like this product because it's cheap and fits my skin. Use it at night after taking a bath, and layer it on dry areas to keep them moist the next morning. It doesn't go well with foundation in the morning, so I use it exclusively at night.

Maybe it's working really well?

My face turned bright red and slightly lumpy, but after washing my face for 2 days, the redness went away.There are still lumps left, so I will continue to use it.It was written in the review that there was a pack from the same manufacturer, so I bought that one too.It was exciting because it was my first time applying gel, but it spread easily and became smooth a little after application.When I applied it again where it was getting dry, a slight sticky feeling came out.I'm not good at sticky moisturizers, so I bought many bottles of serums or emulsions and didn't use them, but this product seems to go well with it, so I would like to continue using it from now on.

Very good for smooth skin after use

Is this product immediately after use?? It's so moist on the skin that it really makes it smooth, and spreads a little bit well, huh? sticky? If you go too far? How to make your skin smooth () ♡ If you don't like stickiness, this is the best recommendation!

Moisturizes well

I bought it because I'm suffering from acne. I have normal skin, more sensitive skin than oily skin, so it doesn't get dramatically better, but when I use it, it basically doesn't get worse, and above all, it moisturizes very much, so I like it. The emulsion doesn't seem to suit my skin very well, so I got pretty good with a light booster, this gel, and light cream


The smooth texture is easy to apply, has moisturizing power, and suppresses acne, etc., so I think it's good