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Loved the shampoo, but the conditioner didn't work as effectively on my hair.

Loved it! Smells nice, works perfectly even on bleached hair.

Good texture, good scent!

I've always hated how lotion feels, but this one is light and refreshing! The 'creamy' scent is most noticable fresh out the bottle, but the strawberry scent comes out more once I put it on. Overall, pretty great! I'm thinking of getting the chocolate one for my brother. ^^

This Face Mask Works Miracles

These help calm the redness of my skin and make my skin softer. The face masks are very fragile so be gentle when pulling them out of the package. I always make sure to use the excess serum in the package to rub on my neck after I have finished using the mask.

Good moisturizer for those persons with sensitive skin.

Used on face and around eyes.


I LOVE this!! I was hesitant at first after reading what it was….but I got over that super quick lol. I put it on every night before bed and works great with my sensitive skin.

Great for stubborn lash

As an Asian household pretty much all my sisters, and I use this mascara for our eyelashes. It’s one of the only mascaras that keep the curl of our stubborn Asian lashes all day, although it’s pretty difficult to take off at the end of the day so I recommend either purchasing the remover or using an oil cleanser, because it pretty much won’t come off without it which can be a good or bad thing


Absolutely loooove this product. My skin is sooo soft after using it each night. I’m definitely going to repurchase!

Great Amazon Find

This product is fantastic. I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and I notice a positive difference in my skin.


I did not expect the package to have so much serum! I threw out my first pack after using (such a waste T_T) but now I have been keeping the packages and using the serum in my daily skincare up to 5 days after I use the mask. The value for this stuff is absolutely insane. Also, it's great for sensitive skin and super moisturizing!

Good but careful.

I always get tiny cuts in my face.
But I blame myself as I don’t get my face moist enough and don’t stretch the skin properly to have a smooth surface.
If you have bumpier skin forget it you’ll cut yourself multiple times.
Good and sharp.

My favourite line of Korean skin care by far

Get the snail moisturizer, it’s amazing. I have several of the products including cleansers and since I’ve started using them approximately a year ago I have not had any adult breakouts. People complement me on the tone of my skin now! And it’s price is extremely reasonable

Not sticky

Although it is an oil, it is not sticky. The scent is also good. There's no gutsy remake, so I don't know how it fell, but it's comfortable to use.

I was looking for something that would not just brighten my under eyes but maybe help them with volume loss. So far I really love it. And can’t beat the ingredients. My mom even bought it.

Very good moisturizer

Finally found moisturizer that perfectly matches my skin. I am in my mid 40’s and needed something that will make my skin look soft and glowy. This product definitely does it. I use it in AM & PM. Great under make up. Highly recommend!

The best mascara for short lashes

This is the only beauty product I buy on repeat. I have short, straight lashes and this is the ONLY mascara that keeps my lashes up and curled all day. Word of advice, buy the remover, because this stuff is not coming off your lashes until you use that remover.

Absolutely the best

This oil is absolutely amazing, one of the best purchases I have made in quite a while. Leaves my hair feeling silking smooth and smells divine. I will be buying this again.


i used for a while, it was really nice for sensitive skin! it actually cleared my skin and gave me the 'poreless' look/skin. It is very similar to the toner

The best lip balm ever

A absolutely, amazing, lip balm, adorable, design, and very moisturizing.

So cute

Very cute headband. Perfect for my routine.


It covers very well

Love it

One of my favorite products, by my favorite skincare brand. Really gives you that clean shiny porcelaine skin appearance. (Although maybe check local Asian beauty stores because they could have better prices)

Very satisfied!

The product was a repeat gift for my granddaughter. She loves it!

Love this toner pad!

I use this toner pad morning and nightime, and it gives that brightening effect. I've only been using this for less than a month, but I could say it's worth the purchase. Brightens your skin, I did not get any breakouts but every skin is different. It's a bit expensive though.


Je ne suis pas bilingue , j’aimerais des courriels en français. Livraison rapide et colis en bon état.