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This is very good, I love them so much

It’s very sick and turns over aubergine on certain skin

Excited to try. Great value for quantity.

Love this cleansing balm. Really does clean my face and keeping it Moisturized.

Love Mediheal Toner pads. Great for travels too.

Love this pretty package for lips!

Love this set to complete my BOJ collection!

DR. CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence 150ml
Saniya K.

Like it

Great lotion

I hate using body lotion. It always leaves my skin feeling sticky and makes my clothes stick to my skin even after it's tried. Not this lotion. It's super moisturizing without being sticky and it makes me skin feel insanely smooth and soft. The scent is also really good to, for someone who's usually adverse to scented lotions. My skin has been loving this.


Brightens and moisturizes

So hydrating!

I have been using COSRX for years and love using this as my last step! I have combination skin and it works great for me. I will also put it on any dry spots on my body before bed and I wake up with hydrated skin!

Good but

It's very good, there are better ones, but I really liked it

Reduce pores

Good exfoliate for sensitive skin, not too harsh

Best Mascara for Stubborn Lashes

It holds up very well— in fact all of the waterproof mascaras from the Heroine line last long. I usually work 12 hour night shifts and it doesn’t budge. I’ve also slept in this mascara afterwards and it still stayed on. I’ve ugly sobbed in this mascara and it was still on. I have very stubborn straight Asian lashes that are hard to curl, but this mascara holds the curl very well. Anyone who is looking to buy this mascara should get the mascara removed the brand sells or should use a good oil cleanser to remove the mascara.

Works well for all skin and races

it worked well for my skin type, will buy more.....Goodbye expensive skin care

love it

as a mama too, I do not have time to blow dry straighten or curl my hair, but this product has made my life 100 times easier you apply when it's damp and you let it air dry and that is the result. Looks like I did something to it when I absolutely did nothing. Hair I have is long but very thin, Very frizzy very cozy, but this product has moved out my hair with without weighing it down. I cannot wait to try the shampoo and conditioner.

Le parfait tonique

Premier geste du matin et du soir, sur une peau propre, avec juste un peu d’émolliant.

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara 7g - 3 Types
Nan m.
Lashes stay lifted

This is by far the best mascara for stubborn straight lashes, it works better than the heroine mascara in my opinion! The skinnier wand prevents lashes from clumping too which is a huge plus.

Cute but lowkey small

Wonderful product although came a little dirty

The product comes exactly as pictured and works wonderfully. It elongated my lashes, holds a curl very well, and doesn’t have a clumpy formula. It’s by far the best mascara I’ve used! However, when it arrived, the packaging had some dirt on the outside but didn’t appear to be opened or used. The product also has a strange plasticy smell.