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It’s the best shampoo ever!! It’s cleans deep and smells amazing! Citrus love ♥️

Lightweight and feels so comfortable on my skin! Can’t live without ♥️

Love the texture sensory processing disorder approved

Best moisturizer ever! The gel texture is incredible and it’s really hydrating. We have autism and sensory processing disorder and it’s incredible hard to find a moisturizer that isn’t sticky or to thick or that’s actually hydrating BUT this one is it!!!! It’s expensive especially if you use it for face and body but it’s our new go to. We will stock up if it goes on sale.

It’s ok

Not much fan of this it makes my complexion darker



Best flavor!

Well balanced, this is the best flavor !


J'en ai testé plusieurs avant celui-ci. C'est mon préféré. Déjà l'odeur est agréable, légèrement citronné. J'adore. J'aime aussi le couvert qui se lève. La crème n'est pas grasse contrairement à d'autre tester, aucune douleur aux yeux (je suis sensible) et elle démaquille très bien même le mascara waterproof, la crème solaire. J'ai choisi aussi pour ses ingrédients naturel. J'espère qu'il ne sera pas en rupture de stock maintenant que j'ai trouvé mon bonheur😉

Beauty of Joseon

this was my second time i bought this korean product. I ll definitely buy another. love that korean products are available on Amazon.

Only Korean skincare I repurchase.

I have bought so many ‘must-have’ Korean skincare items and this is the only one I have repurchased. Nothing seems to hydrate my skin or give the look of hydrated better than this. Beautiful glow on my sensitive, acne prone skin.

It's really great just a little messy

Review by my husband:

It's really good very strong resistant asian hair, (good hold) when it comes to how messy it is it can be kind of rough to clean off the hands and it takes quite a bit of washing out of here to get it out.

holy grail mascara

this mascara does not move. it stays on your eyelashes like CONCRETE. it holds a curl like nobodies business. i cried and still struggled to remove it (buy their mascara mover). people have asked me if im wearing false lashes, but its just my eyelashes with one coat of this bad boy. if you get no other mascara, get this one. immediately.

Skin feels smooth after

I liked product for my skin, gentle and no break outs. I recommend it


This old guy has some skin problems that are better with a moisturizer. This stuff helps and is inexpensive. I sometimes use it by itself or, sometimes with another cream. And since I'm baldingish.. after sunshine, some on the dome helps.

Absorbs fast, need to layer it if your skin is very dry

It absorbs within minutes but if you have patchy, red, flaky, eczema prone skin then you need to put layers. 2 drops go a long way, then you need to wait to dry and apply again, I do this 3 times and I layer with other toners. Only then my skin was plump and hydrated. And then I had to apply a skin oil or vaseline to seal it. If I apply makeup on top, my eczema areas still become dry after 4 hours. The other areas stay moisturized.

Its a good quantity for the price, I don’t know if I’d purchase again if they raise the price. All in all, this is great, just not if you have irritated and red dry patches, only regular dry patches.

Dr.Jart Girly

I use the entire Vital Hydra line and glass skin who? I am legit glowing from the inside out. These have definitely made it to my must-have list.

Little pot of heaven for the skin

I love how creamy this formula is. With the crushed red beans inside, you can rub it into the skin like an exfoliant before letting it sit on the skin. My skin feels refreshed, clean, and smooth like silk after each use. I am very happy with this product, as I am with my other Beuty of Joseon products. It's affordable, too, and you get a lot of the pore mask for the price.

Fast working

This product worked better and faster than store brand. Although the menthol tingle was unexpected


It makes my hair soft


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Most long lasting tints

Etude House tints are amazing, and the strawberry ade is the perfect shade of pink. I love to use it under powder blush.


It’s easy to use. Wet your hair a bit apply and blow dry then shape for best result


SOOOOOOOO AMAZING! It is my bread and butter. It makes your hair silky smooth and shiney. I would mostly recommend for straight hair but if you have more of a wavy of curly hair try the pink one!

This smells great, helps with dandruff and volumizes hair

This shampoo was my old shampoo, but let it go due to moving. But this is such a great smell and leaves your hair feeling and looking amazing!

The best mascara!

This is the best waterproof/oilproof mascara ever! I have very oily lids and most American brand waterproof mascaras will smudge on me. But this one stays on for at least 10 hours. It also holds my curls for the same amount of time. Hands down the best mascara in the game.

Highly recommend

This essence is incredible. It leaves my skin moisturized and supple.