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&honey And-Honey Melty Moist Repair Huile Capillaire 3.0 100ml

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&honey Melty Moist Repair...


&honey Melty Moist Repair Repair Hair Oil 100ml

&honey Melty Repair series is designed for adult women who suffer from wavy and frizzy hair. More than 90% of And Honey Melty Repair Series is made up of honey, argan oil, propolis, keratin, royal jelly and other moisturizing and protective ingredients to achieve a higher hair moisture content of 14% than conventional shampoo (12%).

The honey's water-retaining power eliminates annoying "wavy and frizzy hair" and leaves hair glossy and smooth to the tips.
Made 3 types of honey are blended in a unique ratio to increase hair moisture content and care for wavy and curly hair.
Manuka Honey 60%, Rose Honey 20%, and Domestic Raw Honey 20%,
How to use. After towel dry, take an appropriate amount, apply & spread from the tip of the hair.

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